Old trucks. Gravel roads. A field of winter wheat. What does any of that have to do with architecture?

When you approach design as more than just combining a series of rooms, your range of influences stretches further as well. At Miller, our design aesthetic steers us toward the textures, color palettes and material choices grounded in this region. Ultimately, our goal is to build spaces that help you experience the surroundings, instead of merely insulating you from them. It’s a result we believe can only be achieved by including everyone in the process—from the clients themselves, to the contractors and material suppliers.

By listening, exchanging inspired ideas, and being transparently honest, what might have been a sterile process becomes an enjoyable exercise in creativity.  After all, your home will be more than a house—so it follows your architect needs to be more than a designer. At Miller Roodell Architects, we welcome that role, and have found that a fulfilling collaboration results in an exceptional home.