A collaboration is only as good as its collaborators.


Founded by Candace Miller, Miller Roodell Architects has consistently drawn exceedingly talented people to its ranks. People whose interests go beyond putting pen to paper to create living spaces, but who also share a genuine affection for making others happy here. When you visit our office in the historic Cannery District of Bozeman, Montana, these are the faces you will see.

Joe Roodell AIA, NCARB, Principal

Growing up in Montana gave Joe a deep appreciation for the Western vernacular. His passion for architecture is driven from his love of the cowboy lifestyle and the American West. Joe began working for Miller Roodell Architects shortly after earning his Masters of Architecture from Montana State University in 2005. Through Miller Roodell Architects, he has had the opportunity to successfully manage a variety of projects throughout the diverse landscapes of the West. Joe’s architectural design and management skills have helped him maintain a solid understanding of each project from the early design stages through construction administration. Outside of work, Joe is always in pursuit of a true Montana adventure. You will find him spending time with his beautiful wife and sons rafting the rivers, skiing, hunting and riding horses.

Matt Miller AIA, NCARB, Principal

Originally from Wyoming, Matt Miller comes to the design world with a deep understanding of construction from his years working as a carpenter and mason. This far-reaching range of knowledge was put to good use when he graduated from Montana State University in the spring of 2004 with a Master of Architecture degree and joined Miller Roodell Architects soon thereafter. For Matt, there is nothing more inspiring than the wild beauty found in the landscapes of the American West. Matt appreciates a good story, guitars near a campfire, sharing a laugh with friends, his wife and three boys, and is always looking forward to the next trip skiing, fly fishing, hiking or hunting.

Chris Clay AIA, NCARB, Project Manager

Although Chris did not find his way to Montana as directly as some, it was a journey that has shaped his appreciation for this place nonetheless. Receiving his Architectural degree in 1997 from Temple University, he established his career on the East coast and has worked throughout the West honing his skills. Joining Miller Roodell Architects, the passion for developing exceptional projects comes from his deep respect for the process of transforming design into built form. An avid cyclist, Chris enjoys travel with friends, off-roading on single track or jeep trail and living on the north side of Bozeman with his wife and Rottweiler.

Beau Mossman Project Manager

Born and raised in Montana, Beau has been strongly influenced by the rural culture of Montana. Moving east to pursue an education at the Rhode Island School of Design gave him exposure to a broad design world and a strong base for beginning a design career in Montana. With a background in construction and cabinetry Beau began working in Architecture and Design early in his career. With extensive experience designing, managing, and building, Beau has combined a deep passion for design with the development of exceptional residential and resort projects. Outside of work, Beau and his family spend their time enjoying the great Montana outdoors.

Suzanne McGee Project Manager

Suzanne grew up in the prairie farms of Northeastern Montana, where she learned a necessity for building to reflect the land. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Montana State University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. With her previous experience primarily in the commercial sector, Suzanne joined Miller Roodell Architects to follow her passion of custom residential architecture . Though she enjoyed her time in the Southeast, Suzanne is happy to be back in Montana hiking and rafting with her young family.

Stephanie Jamrog AIA, NCARB, Project Manager

Drawn to the ruggedness of Montana, Stephanie moved west in 2007 from Northern Minnesota and has been practicing custom residential design ever since. A lifetime love of outdoor recreation in wild places has informed her belief that people need a physical connection to the land and that their homes should help them do that. Stephanie holds a Masters of Architecture from Montana State University and a B.A. from the University of Minnesota. She resides with her husband in Livingston, MT and spends her free time running mountain trails with their tireless Border Collie.

Jane Rothwell AIT

Jane grew up in Carrboro, NC and earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture from North Carolina State University. A love of the mountains led her to Montana, where she joined Miller Roodell Architects. Outside of work, Jane enjoys hiking, camping and traveling to the closest city with a good concert.

Alex Webber AIA, NCARB

Raised in rural Indiana, Alex grew up for a deep respect of local, vernacular architecture rooted in its landscape. After graduating with a Bachelors of Architecture from Ball State University, he traveled westward to complete his Masters of Architecture at the University of Oregon’s Portland campus. Alex joined Miller Roodell Architects with experience in residential, commercial and general contracting. Inspired by tactile connections between people, landscapes, and design; Alex spends his time exploring the wilderness through hiking, snowboarding, rafting, fishing and biking.

Kelsey Joronen AIA, Project Manager

Born and raised in Livingston, Montana, Kelsey is deeply rooted in the lore of the Mountain West. Exposed early on to the beauty and importance of vernacular design through years of exploring the built and natural world of Montana and Wyoming, she was drawn to stay, study and work close to home. Passionate about how people live in harmony with their surroundings, she’s worked entirely in the residential sector since graduating with her Master of Architecture degree from Montana State University. She spends her free time hiking, kayaking, skiing and climbing with her husband and two wild dogs.

Paul Calabro AIT

Paul grew up in the Northeast, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from Syracuse University. He spent years working as a carpenter on custom homes, until a love of high wild places and a girl from Montana brought him West. He joined Miller Roodell Architects alongside working his way through Montana State University’s School of Architecture. When he’s not at his desk, Paul is trail running with his huskies, alpine climbing in Montana’s mountains, or slowly renovating his house.

Marley Robb AIT

With roots deeply imbedded in the Eastern Oregon grasslands between the Eagle Cap and Blue Mountains, Marley found the Gallatin Valley to feel a lot like home. She joined Miller-Roodell Architects after completing her BA in Environmental Design, during which she also acquired her Masters in Architecture. Marley is interested in design derived from nature and finds her balance exploring those spaces, with paints and pups always in tow.

Chelsey Schon AIT

Chelsey hails from the Midwest. After spending her childhood in the Dakotas, she received her B.S. from Nebraska-Lincoln and Masters of Architecture from the University of Minnesota. She subsequently has mastered the art of the Hot Dish but not the pronunciation of the word “bag”. After too many frigid winters, Chelsey headed West to Montana in search of warmer winter temperatures and higher elevations. Having honed her skills and understanding of project development and phasing, she joined Miller-Roodell with experience in the commercial and residential sectors. When not working, Chelsey enjoys challenging her flatlander origins with mountain biking and downhill skiing.

Sarah Beth Erb AIT

After living in almost every U.S. time zone, Sarah Beth has been continuously pulled back to the Rocky Mountain West. Born in Nashville, Tennessee she and her family moved to Bozeman when she was 13. She earned her B.A. in Art History from Colorado College, worked for a few years in New York City, and returned to school to get her Master of Architecture degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Her continued love of the West has brought her back to Bozeman, where she is pursuing her passion for architecture and taking advantage of all the skiing, hiking, and fishing Montana has to offer.

Dish Office Dog

A native Montanan, Dish is never happier than when he’s working long hours or recreating in frigid conditions. He joined the Miller-Roodell team in 2017 and his office duties include security regulation, crumb management, and general employee therapy. As a master athlete, Dish works hard every day to improve his endurance and frisbee retrieval rate along the shores of the Yellowstone River.

A Tribute to Our Founder, Candace Tillotson-Miller

Maybe at one point, establishing Miller Architects in the high-end residential architectural community was a scary proposition, but those days are long behind Candace Tillotson-Miller.  Her command of design and deep appreciation for the landscape and rhythm of the West has seen to that.  No, fear is not one of the emotions in play now.  To the contrary, confidence is the overriding emotion as she has handed the reins of Miller-Roodell Architects over to partners, Matt Miller and Joe Roodell, after 26 years.  “In over 15 years of working with Matt and Joe we have met challenges together as a team, supporting one another and adding to the foundation of the business in creating environments that go beyond expectations for clients.  They are smart, talented, dedicated and kind.” Anyone who knows Candace, knows her intention is not something most people would characterize as retirement, but simply shifting her focus to other pursuits.  Painting.  The ranch.  Every so often, taking the time for a second cup of coffee.