A collaboration is only as good as its collaborators.

Founded by Candace Miller, Miller Roodell Architects has consistently drawn exceedingly talented people to its ranks. People whose interests go beyond putting pen to paper to create living spaces; people who share a genuine passion for making others happy. When you visit our office in Bozeman’s historic Cannery District, these are the faces you will see.

Montana State University | Master of Architecture
State Licensure | MT, WY, CO, ID
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Natl. Council of Architectural Reg. Brds. (NCARB) Certified

Joe Roodell Principal | AIA | NCARB

Growing up in Montana gave Joe a deep appreciation for the Western vernacular. His passion for architecture is driven by his love of the American West; the powerful landscapes and the simplicity of its natural context influence his thoughtful approach on traditional and modern design.

Joe is a Design Principal and Founding Member at Miller Roodell Architects, where he leads the Team in a collaborative process to provide clients an enjoyable experience from beginning to end, while developing designs that are sensitive to place and capture the essence of the West.

Outside of work, Joe is always in pursuit of a true Montana adventure. You will find him spending time with his beautiful wife and sons rafting the rivers, skiing, hunting, riding horses and exploring everything outdoors that the West has to offer.

Montana State University | Master of Architecture
State Licensure | MT, WY, CO, ID
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Natl. Council of Architectural Reg. Brds. (NCARB) Certified

Matt Miller Principal | AIA | NCARB

A Wyoming native, Matt Miller comes to the design world with a deeply-rooted respect and lifelong love for the raw beauty found in Western landscapes. His simple, straight-forward design approach reflects the values ingrained in a life lived in wild places: distilling design to amplify the natural qualities of each unique build site, employing sustainable strategies, balancing architecture with native terrain.

Matt is a Design Principal and Founding Member at Miller Roodell Architects. He works closely with clients and the M|R team in developing exceptional designs that are responsive to natural context and deliver the unfiltered experiences sought by those who settle here.

Matt appreciates a good story, guitars near a campfire, sharing a laugh with his wife and three boys, and always looks forward to the next trip on the river, fly fishing, hiking, or hunting.

Temple University | Bachelor of Architecture
State Licensure | CO, MT, UT
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Natl. Council of Architectural Reg. Brds. (NCARB) Certified

Chris Clay Associate | AIA | NCARB

Although Chris did not find his way to Montana as directly as some, it was a journey that nonetheless shaped his appreciation for this place. He earned his Architecture degree in 1997 and established his career on the east coast. He then worked throughout the West, honing his skills before joining Miller Roodell Architects.

His passion for developing exceptional projects comes from his deep respect for the process of transforming design into built form.

An avid cyclist, Chris enjoys traveling with friends, off-roading on single track or jeep trails, and living on the north side of Bozeman with his wife Lynda and rottweiler.

Rhode Island School of Design | B.A. Industrial Design

Beau Mossman Associate

Born and raised in Montana, Beau has been strongly influenced by its rural culture. Moving east to pursue an education at the Rhode Island School of Design gave him exposure to a broad design world and a strong base for beginning a design career in Montana.

With a background in construction and cabinetry, Beau began working in Architecture and Design early in his career. With extensive experience designing, managing, and building, Beau has combined a deep passion for design with the development of exceptional residential and resort projects.

Outside of work, Beau and his family spend their time enjoying the great Montana outdoors.

North Carolina State University | Bachelor of Architecture
& Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture
Registered Architect
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Natl. Council of Architectural Reg. Brds. (NCARB) Certified

Jane Rothwell Project Architect | AIA | NCARB

Jane grew up in Carrboro, NC and joined Miller Roodell Architects shortly after earning her degrees in Raleigh.

A love of the mountains led her to Montana where she has since gained a deep appreciation for the West’s vast landscapes, its quiet summer nights, and how the built environment can enrich these experiences.

Jane likes to stay creative outside of work through Photoshop, block printing, and pottery.  She also strives to find the perfect balance between time spent outdoors and inside with a cup of tea and her cat, Greg.

Montana State University | Master of Architecture
Syracuse University | Bachelor of Fine Arts
Registered Architect
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Natl. Council of Architectural Reg. Brds. (NCARB) Certified

Paul Calabro Project Architect | AIA | NCARB

Paul grew up in the Northeast, surrounded by designers and tradespeople. He finished art school and, craving more tactile and practical experience, spent the next decade working as a carpenter on custom homes, honing his craft and developing a profound appreciation for historic houses and regional vernacular architecture.

A love of high wild places and a girl from Montana brought him West, where he eventually hung up his tool belt, joined Miller Roodell Architects, earned his Master of Architecture, and never looked back.

When he’s not at his desk, Paul spends early mornings and long days trail running, backcountry skiing, and hunting across the staggering landscapes that make this place special - or he is slowly renovating his 1880s house.

Washington University in St. Louis | Master of Architecture
Colorado College | Bachelor of Art in Art History
Registered Architect
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Natl. Council of Architectural Reg. Brds. (NCARB) Certified

Sarah Beth Erb Project Architect | AIA | NCARB

After living in almost every U.S. time zone, Sarah Beth was continually pulled back to the Rocky Mountain West.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee she and her family moved to Bozeman when she was 13. She earned her degree in Art History, worked for a few years in New York City, and returned to school to get her Master of Architecture.

Her continued love of the West brought her back to Bozeman, where she is pursuing her passion for architecture and taking advantage of all the skiing, hiking, and fly fishing Montana has to offer.

University of Wyoming | Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering
Northwest College| Assoc. of Applied Science in Drafting Technologies

Morgan Baxendale Project Manager

Born and raised in small-town Wyoming, Morgan grew up immersed in the Western way of life. From countless days on his grandparents’ ranch he learned the importance of honest hard work and about the roots of the historic West.

He gravitated to drafting and design early in school, leading him to earn degrees in drafting and Architectural Engineering. Working with Miller Roodell Architects allows him to enrich and deepen his knowledge of design and project management.

In the summer months, Morgan can be found on the golf course or enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. During the winter, ice fishing and hunting are his hobbies of choice.

Montana State University | Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Environmental Design
Saskatchewan Polytechnic | Diploma of Architectural & Building Technology

Janine Bellanger-Tebay Project Manager

Janine was born and raised in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her passion for architecture lies in the human connection to the built environment, and in how people are expressed through the buildings they inhabit.

She earned a degree in Architectural and Building Technology and began working with an architecture firm in Saskatoon. A desire to further her education led her to Montana, where she earned her Master of Architecture. While in school, she met her now-husband and decided to remain in Montana after graduation.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, creating through needle and fabric works, and camping and hiking with her husband and dog.

Montana State University | Bachelor of Architecture

Nick Modroo Project Manager

Raised in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Montana, Nick formed a deep appreciation for the mountain west landscape at an early age. Having always been interested in architecture, he earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Montana State University.

Nick has worked in large cities and small towns alike and brings over 20 years of experience in the architecture field to the Miller Roodell team. He has a deep understanding of architecture and the process of bringing concepts to reality, and genuinely enjoys creating incredible spaces set in the Rocky Mountain West.

When not in the office Nick enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter living the relaxed Montana lifestyle, along with traveling to explore new places. In the winter you will find him and his family skiing most weekends, and in the summer getting out to enjoy camping, hiking and activities on the water.

Melanie Reiner Office Manager

Melanie was born and raised in the Gallatin Valley. She grew up on a ranch in Gallatin Gateway and even though she now lives in the city of Bozeman, a piece of her heart and soul will always be that of a ranch girl.

Joining the Miller Roodell Architects team has given her a great insight to the architecture world - all the detail and hard work that goes into building someone’s dream home.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family and dogs - in the yard, walking, hiking, camping and anything else she can do to stay outdoors and soak in the sun.

University of Oregon | Bachelor of Architecture

Isais Lawrence Project Coordinator

Isais grew up in San Jose, California, playing football, competing in track and field, and spending as much time as he could outside. The outdoors always calls his name, whether from a sports field or the mountains. His interest in hand sketching and 3D modeling led him to the University of Oregon, where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture with a focus on residential and mass timber design. After graduating, he moved to the mountains and joined the Miller Roodell team, where he practices his craft in the beautiful landscapes of the American West.

Outside of work, you’ll find him outside; in the mountains, hiking, mountain biking, off-roading, and on those mellower days, hammocking.

Montana State University | Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Environmental Design

Alex Simensen Project Coordinator

Alex grew up in a rural community on the plains of northeastern Montana. She feels privileged to have grown up within Montana’s beautiful ranging landscapes and takes pride in its unique beauty.

Alex joined the Miller Roodell team shortly after receiving her degrees from Montana State University. She loves exploring what her role as a designer means and what skillsets she can contribute and develop to find harmonious solutions between man-made and natural works.

Outside of the office, she loves spending time with family and friends: camping, ice skating, running, and getting out on the water whenever she can.

Montana State University | Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design
Montana State University | Bachelor of Business Management

Anamarie Goffena Project Coordinator

Ana was born and raised on a ranch in Roundup, Montana. She spent most of her life working cattle, farming crops, and dreaming about the day she would enter the design world. Ana takes pride in the Montanan life she lives and feels blessed to have a hometown in such a beautiful state.

She graduated with an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design from Montana State University, and is furthering her education by obtaining her Bachelor of Business Management. Ana’s immense passion for design led her to Miller Roodell Architects, where she is excited to explore a deeper knowledge of design.

Outside of the office, Ana can be found traveling, fishing, paddleboarding, and enjoying Montana’s beauty.

Montana State University | Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Environmental Design
Gallatin College | Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design

Krista Hunton Project Coordinator

Krista grew up in Montana where she attended Gallatin College and Montana State University, earning both an Associate in Applied Science Interior Design and a Master of Architecture.

She strives to integrate architectural design with landscape and site, letting contextual factors influence rather than compete with form.

In her free time, you may find her Nordic skiing, biking, or hanging out with her daughter and partner on the trails surrounding Bozeman.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Founder

Candace Tillotson-Miller

Maybe at one point, establishing Miller Architects in the high-end residential architectural community was a scary proposition, but those days are long behind Candace Tillotson-Miller. Her command of design and deep appreciation for the landscape and rhythm of the West saw to that. More than a quarter century after hanging out her shingle, she handed the reins to her longtime partners, Matt Miller and Joe Roodell, confident that the business she’d built was in the best of hands. “In over 15 years of working with Matt and Joe we have met challenges together as a team, supporting one another and adding to the foundation of the business in creating environments that go beyond expectations for clients. They are smart, talented, dedicated and kind.” Anyone who knows Candace knows that her idea of “retirement” doesn’t involve slowing down – she simply shifted her focus to other pursuits. Painting. The ranch. And every so often, taking the time for a second cup of coffee.